FAQs are frustrating because they are not real questions. These are "planted questions,” that is: written by people who already know the answers. This does not correspond to our idea of a relationship. If you have a question about Gauthier designers, write or call us, and you'll receive a more relevant answer. Still... we had fun preparing a Frequently Asked Questions for those who like to read FAQs. Enjoy!

  • Why is the agency called Gauthier if there's no Gauthier who works there?

    See the answer to the next question

  • How long has the agency existed?

    Gauthier has been around since 1987, and was founded by Richard Gauthier (hence the name). The agency was bought in 1992 by Shawn Bedford, Nathalie Vézina and Lisa Tremblay and became the Gauthier we know today: an integrated design agency working in communications, marketing, graphic design, branding, digital media, etc.

  • Do you have offices in Quebec, Toronto, New York and Paris?

    No. But that doesn't stop us from working with clients and freelancers based in all these cities

  • Is there a minimum budget required to enter into a "relationship" with you?

    No. But we believe that all work must be remunerated at a fair price.

  • What's the best way to get to your place?

    On foot, it's a very pleasant walk through Old Montreal from the Place-d'Armes metro station. Cross Place d'Armes and walk along the Notre-Dame Basilica on Saint-Sulpice Street until you reach Rue de la Commune. Turn right towards the Pointe-à-Callières Museum: Gauthier is a stone's throw away, in the corner building on de la Commune and Place Royale. If you are driving, with a little luck you can find street parking. Otherwise there is a large parking lot across the street (Alexandra Quay). There is also a Bixi station to the west on rue de la Commune. Even simpler, take a taxi/uber.

  • How do you bring on loyal freelancers?

    We are nice to them, we don't hide them and we have them work on interesting mandates with realistic deadlines. In short, as with our clients and our employees, we build real relationships. Then we maintain these collaborations by respecting their skills and by sharing the common goal of delivering a product of superior quality, from the preliminary reflection stage to the final execution.

  • Do you have any other questions?

    If so, write to us here.